1. Are there any delivery charges?
    Yes, we have delivery charges according to the postal code, as mentioned below;
    LOCAL:  £30
    (DA,RM,CM,E,N,SW,TW,CT,TN,HA,SL,LU,GU,ME,AL,WD,RG,SG,BR,CR,KT,HP,EN,IG,RH,W,WC,EC,SS,SE,TW) Nation Wide (Except postcodes below):  £60
  2. Does ComFatra deliver internationally?
  3. How to place an order?
  4. In how many days does ComFatra deliver?
  5. Are the Products original? 
  6. Are the products the same as shown in the pictures?
  7. What is the return policy of the company?
  8. What is the exchange policy of the company?
  9. What is the product delivered broken?
  10. Are there any special discounts?
  11. Is there any way to pay installments?
  12. What are the minimum and maximum months of installments?
  13. Are there any Credit card Discounts that ConFatra offers on its products?
  14. Do ComFatra products have a warranty? 
  15. What makes ComFatra different from other brands?
  16. Where is ComFatra's store located?
  17. What is the helpline of ComFatra? 

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