Elevate your premium wardrobe’s life in these simple ways!

Undoubtedly, a clutter-free wardrobe leads to a clutter-free life. Thus, you make a genuine effort to de-clutter your wardrobe spaces for a sleeker and more organized look. It can, unquestionably, be a challenge to keep your premium wardrobes spick and span all the time.

It should be noted that wooden wardrobes are always a preferred choice compared to their other counterparts. Therefore, they are considered much more reliable and they usually last longer too. But, that doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually wear out. Believe it or not, they will!

Furthermore, they all require timely maintenance, whether it be a sliding door or a German mirror wardrobe. They need a regular uplift because of the constant wear and tear. Hence, you need to maintain a regular cleaning cycle in order to elevate your wardrobe’s life.

Tips to improve your wardrobe’s life     

Wardrobe cleaning and maintenance can, without a doubt, be challenging. You should never rush this process. Hence, take your time to sort out everything and organize them properly. Now that you are done with sorting everything, do the following to make your wardrobe crystal clean:

1-         Always dust the wooden wardrobes

First and foremost, make sure to dust the wardrobes very regularly. You remove all the airborne dust deposits. Plus, prefer using soft, dry, and clean clothes to wipe all the dust from Comfatra’s delicate premium wardrobe surfaces. This eventually gives you a much cleaner look. 

2-         Be careful with all-purpose cleaning sprays

Secondly, never directly use the cleaning sprays on wooden surfaces. They can do more damage than good. In such scenarios, clean your moon mirror wardrobes by Comfatra, with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. In contrast, strong detergents might damage your wardrobes and their wood surfaces. 

3-         Always remember to wax the surfaces for more protection

Third, you can’t just clean your wooden wardrobes and not polish them. Consequently, wax polishing is one of the most reliable ways to protect your spacious wardrobes in UK and breathe new life into them.

Moreover, prefer using paste wax instead of liquid wax. It finally makes your wardrobes last for up to two years and keep them good as new. 

4-         Perform the cleaning ritual regularly

Following the waxing of corner wardrobes, make this cleaning process a regular routine. Ultimately, you will breathe new life into your wardrobes. This will further help you to get rid of the accumulated grime layers. Plus, always remember to avoid all acidic cleaning solutions. They will evidently harm your mirrored sliding door wardrobes and might even damage them beyond repair.      

5-         Use paste wax to get rid of the scratches

Last but not the least, wardrobes tend to get scratched in the long run. They usually end up with a lot of wear and tear. Evidently, wood is the most susceptible to damage if not dealt with care and attention.   

Henceforth, try to apply paste wax on the wooden surfaces to get rid of the deep scratches.

 In conclusion, Comfatra’s wardrobes in London are the epitome of elegance with beauty. They alone are sufficient to amp up your storage spaces in the best way possible. Ultimately, we have deeply looked into some standardized procedures to breathe new life into your wardrobes like never before.

So, what are you waiting for? Look after your wardrobes by following the above-mentioned protocols and you’re good to go for a long time to come.

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